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Set of Three Spalted Wood Coasters


I was loading the shop wood stove and noticed this delightful piece of wood. I’m not sure on the species, but it has a feature prized by fine woodworkers: Spalting. Fungi, under the right conditions, will interact with the wood and create dark, (and beautiful) lines in the wood called Zone Lines.

I sliced up the piece and made three very unique, but related coasters. I filled cracks, sanded them to a smooth surface and coated them with Odie’s Oil, a food-safe oil that cures to a waterproof finish. The oil makes the grain and zone Lines pop! Each one is a different shape, but you can stack them and see the original shape of the wood.

Dimensions: (#1) 9-1/4×3-1/8″; (#2) 6-5/8×3-1/2″; (#3) 3-1/2×3-1/4″; All are 1/2″ thick.

As with all One of a Kind items, there is only one set of these. We also do custom work, though, and could make something unique for you.

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