Christmas Already?

by | Aug 21, 2023 | Front Page, News | 0 comments

I’ve never been part of a retail product production chain before, but I know that the holiday season is where I’ll likely be selling more widgets. In preparation, I’ve been filling the store with inventory of existing products and developing a few new ones. I’ve been building up the website shop. I’ve disconnected from the Bonanza site since they were not sending me any views. Now you can purchase thing straight off this website.
Here the finish goes on to a herd of spatulas. I use Odie’s Oil, a fantastic, food safe finish that cures waterproof in 3 weeks. There are no solvents, and so, no VOC’s in this finish.
Here a batch of cooking spoons are freshly rough cut on the bandsaw.
Everything gets a cute little pig. I’ve even had customers who got utensils before I was “pigifying” them come back and demand a pig on their handles.